Les Vieux Boulons Marmandais

At the start of the association we were only a handful of pals all passionately fond of old machines and somewhat nostalgic. Apparently we have got the right formula as we have grown from 7 to some 80 members. Our atmosphere is definitely convivial (as we both say in English and French).

Each member pays an annual subscription of 30 euros. We meet monthly every first Wednesday and show our cars every second Sunday in downtown Marmande. We organise or participate to numerous outings, auto jumbles and fairs in our region well known for its quality of life.

We are pleased to count members from other regions of France and would be glad to welcome members from other countries. If you wish to receive more information, we remain at your disposal at this e-mail address



Marmande is a city of contrasts between the past of a bastide founded by Richard the Lionheart, the present of modern agriculture (the famous Marmande tomato, AOC wines, a hub for agro-business) and the future (aeronautic industry).
Its location on the Garonne river made it a crossroads in the Aquitaine region, a transition between the Landes forests and the hills of Guyenne.
There is no wonder that the cultural heritage helps us develop the open-hearted attitude that is our club trademark. You can have a glimpse at it with the numerous pictures shown on this site.